Indigo Seeds – Semillas de Añil

One of the highlights of 2012, for me, was growing my own indigo from seed and then creating my own dye with the leaves. I have saved the seeds to repeat the process next year but I have way more seeds than I will be able to use. If you are interested in growing your own indigo (polygonum tinctorium) I have quite a few packs of seeds to share. Just leave me a comment and I will get in touch so I can forward you a pack!

Uno de los momentos más destacados del 2012, para mi, fue crecer mi propio añil desde semilla y luego crear mi propio tinte natural con sus hojas. He guardado las semillas para repetir el proceso el año que viene, pero tengo más semillas de las que voy a poder sembrar. Si a alguien le interesa crecer su propio añil (Polygonum tinctorium), tengo varios paquetes de  semillas para compartir. Sólo tenéis que dejarme un comentario y me pondré en contacto para pasaros uno!

Update: I have been asked how complicated Indigo is to grow. It is VERY easy. I planted the seeds into a large pot and pretty much let them be… watering them every couple of days during the hotter months.
Actualización: Me han pedido si es complicado crecer esta planta. Es SÚPER facil. Planté las semillas directamente en la maceta y aparte de regarlas cada dos o tres días durante el verano, no hice mucho más!

2nd update: I’m all out of seeds! Thank you so much for the wonderful response! I will be shipping them out over the next few days!
Segunda actualización: Se me agotaron las semillas. Muchas gracias por vuestro interés! Las iré enviando en los próximos días! 

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78 Responses to Indigo Seeds – Semillas de Añil

  1. Pipi says:

    Que emocion!! es facil de plantar/cultivar?

    Yo quiero uno, por favor 🙂

  2. Hélène says:

    Yo! yo! yo! I know I haven´t done any dyeing without you but I am waiting for the good weather…

  3. Neus (amazonesenpijama) says:

    Con esa bonita presentación creo que el Polygonum va a crecer muy hermoso.

    Guárdame una Jo, la plantaremos en nuestro nuevo huerto-Afrodita, y en julio haremos el tinte y sembraremos de azules el tendedor de la ropa, que se esparzan el índigo, el turquesa y las sedas por el aire!

  4. María Jesús says:

    Me encantaría que me guardaras uno.

    Por cierto me encantó como decoraste el paquete que me enviaste con el kit de tintes naturales. Es para un regalo y no lo he querido tocar para que viera el packaging original, estoy deseando entregarlo para poder verlo por dentro.

    Muchas gracias

  5. Ila says:

    A mi también me hace ilusión tener uno para plantar en el huerto.

  6. Cristina says:

    Ostras Jo,
    a mi también me encantaría! Tengo ganes de seguir experimentando =)


  7. Susi Rolf-Tooley says:

    I would like some indigo seeds!

  8. Am I too late for seeds?
    Cathy Sylvester
    15 Stroud Crescent
    London, ON
    N6E 1 Z5
    I would gladly pay for postage and the seeds.

  9. Janet says:

    I would love to try out some indigo seeds!!! Your packaging is just beautiful too! Love how you made the heart too.

  10. Sandy says:

    I would love some indigo seeds if they are still available. Thanks so much! Sandy

  11. Beverly Lippmann says:

    Thank you for your generosity, and I love how you have packaged the seeds so beautifully. I would love some if you have any more available. Thank you!

  12. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    Am I too late for a few seeds? I would love to add indigo to my herb plant garden here in the rocky mountains this spring; then gather leaves and make dye…a dream come true!
    Kristin McNamara Freeman
    1346 River Street
    Missoula MT 59801-1716

  13. jo says:

    Not too late… I did a recount and I believe I have 22 packs of about 100 seeds each (plus a large stash of my own which I am happy to break into.

  14. SandraG. says:

    Hi Jo: I have linked over from Jude’s ‘Spirit Cloth’ site in hopes to get my name on your give-away list for the indigo seeds – hope I am not tooo late, ha : ) Your site is lovely and I’m very interested in ordering from your etsy shop – the dye kit to be exact, love it !!!!! Happy day to you and thank you for your generosity in this give-away : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

  15. Marie says:

    Thank you for your kindness. I would be delighted/honored to receive some indigo seeds if they are still available.
    The packaging is just beautiful
    Thank you.
    xo <3

  16. Marie says:

    Thank you for your kindness. I would be delighted/honored to receive some indigo seeds if they are still available.
    The packaging is just beautiful
    Thank you.
    xo <3

  17. Jill says:

    Would love to have a packet of seeds. I have been thinking about growing indigo for a while but not sure where to find it. Thanks!

  18. Atie Holmes says:

    What lovely packages.I have always wanted to try dying with indigo.Such a generous offer!

  19. Heidi says:

    How generous ! I’d love to try it too, if there are still seeds left and if you send internationally.

  20. sally ishikawa says:

    I too, have dyed with fresh indigo, but have lost my source for seeds. I would love to dye with them again. And such a beautiful package. Thank you for your generous offer, and example. I will try to pass my seeds along as well.

  21. Rosalyn says:

    I so would love to have some of the seeds as I am going to be doing my own cloth projects in the coming year…hope I am not too late…so awesome…and happy holidays to u dearhearts.

  22. Sandie Woodbeck says:

    I would love to try growing my own indigo and them dying my own fabric. Let me know if any are left.

  23. peggy stoks says:

    i would soo love some of your indigo seeds, if you have enough. i am so excited to find your blog. i found it thru jude at spirit cloth. i look forward to getting to know you…

  24. beth meadows says:

    oh, to grow Indigo and from your homegrown seeds would be lovely.
    let me know what I should do to receive some seeds, if there are any remaining.

  25. Lynda Merry says:

    A first time visit to your blog from Jude’s blog. Beautiful! I will be spending more time here.

    I too would love some of your indigo seeds if there are enough to go around. And even if there are not, I am still so happy to have found your blog. 🙂

  26. Greetings! I have just stumbled upon your beautiful website and read your story. If you have enough to share, I would love some of your indigo seeds … to tie the experience to the future. I am a landscape designer and potter by trade. We types seem to stay close to the earth … to gather its many gifts. This would be yet another of those wonders!


  27. Pat says:

    I am so intrigued with the idea of dying with indigo–especially with home grown indigo. I would be very happy to have some of the seeds you have so generously offered. 🙂

  28. Joanne Young says:

    Ever hopeful. I would love a package of indigo seeds.

  29. bee says:

    I too am ever hopeful and would love a package of seeds….happy to pay postage. Visiting here again from Jude’s blog….love it here.

  30. Jennie says:

    I would love to grow this plant! When is this planted? I was thinking this is a tropical plant? If you still have some seeds I would love to have this plant in my garden!!

  31. Inma says:

    Hola! No sé si te dará para tanto las semillas!!! Pero si aún te sobra alguna, me interesara recibir alguna.Este tinte natural serviría para cosmética también? Gracias.

  32. mariángeles says:

    ¡Qué éxito con el índigo!, creo que he llegado tarde ja,ja…Estoy deseando que anuncies los próximos talleres en Palma para ver a cuales nos podemos apuntar. Mariángeles

  33. Andre thompson says:

    I would love some seeds but as it looks like you may have run out by now, i just wanted to say glad i found your blog thru spirit cloth!

  34. Sue Allan says:

    I have just discovered your blog and realise you very generously have some seeds to spare.
    I have just begun to dye fabrics, and would love to try these seeds. If you do have enough to spare me some I also would be happy to pay the postage.
    Now that I have found you I will be back
    Have fun

  35. Yes please! I have used commercial indigo dyes in the past and would love to expand my knowledge by growing my own. Thanks for your generosity. You have many responses and even if you have run out of seeds by now, I appreciate your spirit of sharing. Best wishes. K

  36. Barb Eickhoff says:

    I would love some seeds only if there are some left after all the request. Love your heart picture and packaging. Blessings ~ Barb

  37. patricia says:

    imagine you might be “all out” of seeds by now-saw the information of your giving heart on jude’s blog. but if you have some left, i’m grateful

  38. Jeannie says:

    If you happen to have any seeds remaining, I would love to have a few. From the look at the resposes, you would need to have grown a forest! Thanks for the generous offer. xo

  39. Patsy says:

    Jude’s link just led me here, and I, too, would be very happy for a chance to grow indigo. I haven’t yet read the other comments fully nor do I know the status of your supply. I hope the project won’t overwhelm your resources! Thank you for the kind offer, whether or not I receive any seeds. Even this step engenders a sense of cycles and connection.

  40. Els says:

    Ohhhhh I would love to try to grow the indigo plant ….
    (but you’ll probably be out of it now …. great idea though !!!)

  41. ana lechuga says:

    Hola, no se si llegare a tiempo, pero si aun te sobran semillas, tengo un tiesto precioso en mi terraza
    donde crecerían la mar de felices esas semillas de añil, y si ya no te quedan me pido unas pocas de la proxima
    cosecha. Gracias por compartirlas. Un saludo.

  42. Igual no he llegado a tiempo! Pero si estoy a tiempo, por supuesto que quierooooooooo.
    Miles de gracias, besitos.

  43. Jacky says:

    Hola… would love to try some of your indigo seeds if you could spare some. Your packaging looks beautiful too. It tried to grow some seedlings this year, but with lots of rain etc. the bugs had a feast on them and I dont think I’m going to get much of a yield (if anything)…so disappointing. I am keen to try again though.

    Hoping you can spare some, I see I am one of many!!!!


  44. JustVal says:

    I would love to grow Indigo. I just received a wonderful book by India Flint showing natural dyeing techniques. The colors are amazing!

  45. Hi Jo,
    I’m sure I’m too late but just in case you have an extra packet of seeds, I would love to give it a try. I’m just retired and have a new greenhouse to put together and have been waiting to try indigo when I retired. I’m here by way of Jude. Thanks

  46. Violeta says:

    Supongo que tarde tarde para tu generosa oferta, pero plantaste la semilla en mi cabeza, así que ya es imparable, intentare conseguirla por otra via., ;-)) gracias por sembrar ideas …

  47. Kimberly Field says:

    Yes,please. It would be so lovely to be a part of the whole process. The last time I dyed with indigo was at the Waldorf School of Baltimore , as a handwork assistant in the middle school. The seventh grade dyes the cotton fabric which they then make a shirt for themselves… completely hand sewn. To be able to share the entire process with the teacher and the students would be such a gift.
    Jude and India are both so inspirational,thank you all.


    • Kimberly Field says:

      Thank you so much for the indigo seeds. The envelope was the cutest package I have every received by mail. Come spring I’ll be sharing the seeds with the Waldorf School of Baltimore’s handwork teacher. I love all the seasons, but I’ll be looking forward to this spring with a special fondness. Is it possible to start the seeds indoors in late winter, or is it best to plant them in outside earth?

      Thanks again, Kimberly

  48. Kimberly Field says:

    Yes,please. It would be so lovely to be a part of the whole process. The last time I dyed with indigo was at the Waldorf School of Baltimore , as a handwork assistant in the middle school. The seventh grade dyes the cotton fabric which they then make a shirt for themselves… completely hand sewn. To be able to share the entire process with the teacher and the students would be such a gift.
    Jude and India are both so inspirational,thank you all.


  49. joy matthews says:

    this would be lovely, i haven’t been able to llocaate seeds over here in australia, would love to have a go as i found stitching cloth dyed this way is so relaxing…

  50. Stephanie Westerhout says:

    If you still have seeds, I would be so pleased to have some. Thank you so much.

  51. Diane Langley says:

    I had terrible luck this year, they molded, replanted and then they refused to break thru the soil. And the year before i had such good luck. Would love to have one of your lovely packets. Diane Thank you

  52. Gina says:

    you are probably going to run out of seeds to give away …. i would love packet if at all possible.

    nice blog you have – i came via Jude’s. >>> Gina

  53. carol sloan says:

    I’d love to have seeds to plant! I live in the US (in South Carolina – southeastern US). Thank you so much!
    Carol Sloan

  54. Gaile alexander says:

    I would love to have some indigo seeds, thank you very much!

  55. Teresa says:

    Just saw Jude’s link which led me here to hopefully partake of your sweet and generous offer to share your indigo seeds.
    Hoping I’m not too late…

  56. carolyne morrison says:

    i just read jude hill’s blog and would love to
    try my hand at growing indigo seeds. would
    be happy to buy them and of course pay for
    postage if there are any left. how can we
    do this? so very generous of you.

  57. Stacie says:

    Lovely blog, found you by way of Jude’s Spirit Cloth. I imagine you have run out of indigo seeds packets by now, but I’m just as pleased to have found your blog! I will have to see if I can find some indigo seeds and how they might do in Oklahoma come spring… hot enough, but maybe not humid enough summers.

  58. Eva says:

    Hi Jo,
    found the blog via Jude Hill’s link. As I am recently living in a flat with a balcony…I would love to get a little sachet full of those indigo seeds.

  59. Stephanie says:

    I would be most grateful for the opportunity to grow indigo. Thank you so much in advance.

  60. Sandra Myer says:

    I too would love a packet of your seeds of Indigo. Thanks you for the offer.

  61. Carme Carretero says:

    A mi tambien me gustaria intentar plantar, por lo que veo usted vive en Palma de Mallorca, jo vivo en Mataró, España, relativamente cerca.

  62. Jo, me encantaría tener este paquetito tan precioso con esas semillas para hacer nuestras pruebas en “el Jardín”. Nos dices en un email, envío, coste etc?
    un beso enorme
    Carmen Hernández

  63. Julie Hogan says:

    I would love to have some indigo seeds, if there are any left.
    Julie Hogan
    256 Timberlane Drive
    Dahlonega, GA 30533

  64. susan Hemann says:

    i heard about the seeds today from Jude’s blog. If you still have any left I would love to have a package. They are hard to come by where I live. It is so generous of you to share. Thank you. By the way first time I have visited your blog. Wonderful!

  65. How kind…but I fear too many wants to add one more. None the less, if there are any to spare, I tend a small church plot here in New York City and would love to give Indigo a spot.

  66. Rhelda says:

    Oh dear. I fear I’m too late. I too am visiting for the first and certainly will not be the last time, from over at Jude’s. I’ve been reading anything and everything I can find about indigo. I’ve purchased and recently used some powder from Dharma Trading Co., but really would rather use plants. The whole process of natural dying is a wonder to me and I love it. I’m not sure about growing season/conditions here in upstate New York. I’m encouraged though that you planted in a large pot with great success! Your work is lovely and full of light. Thank you Jo for sharing your passion. Rhelda

  67. I have arrived from Spirit Cloth as well. So nice to see your blog. I am so fond of Indigo. Don’t know if it will grow in the cold climate of New Brunswick, Canada. I could harbour them inside, perhaps. If you have any packets left, and think they might grow, I would love to receive.

  68. Susan says:

    What a kind soul!

    If you have any left over I would love to receive some please. I am in England, so would gladly pay postage etc.

    10 Brook Lane
    ST18 9JY

    Thank you x

  69. Mariné says:

    soy argentina y no se consigue añil por aquí existe alguna posibilidad de envío para mi ? si no puede ser ahora
    me apunto para la próxima temporada, tengo mucha ilusión de hacerlo y también de compartirlo con mis alumnos de la escuela. Gracias

  70. Malena Eysymontt says:

    Te quedan semillas mágicas?
    Gracias por tu maravilloso blog.

  71. Excellent web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent
    writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate individuals like you!
    Take care!!

  72. Maria Cecilia Vodanovich says:

    Hola Jo hermoso tu blog lleno de cosas interesantes.
    Se que tu posteaste hace mucho tiempo lo de dar semillas que no ibas a utilizar …si tienes aun me gustaria pedirte. Gracias
    Besos y Abrazos!!

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  75. Francisco says:


    Tienes semillas edición “2014” ?

    Me encantaría tener algunas para cultivarlas.

    Felicidades por tu sitio!

  76. Hi there, I would like to subscribe for this blog to take hottest
    updates, thus where can i do it please assist.

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