Aeonium decorum


I fell in love with this succulent a few years ago and went back to visit recently! Each rosette is very small, no more than 3 or 4 cms across.
Me enamoré de esta suculenta hace unos años y volví a visitarla hace poco. Cada roseta es muy pequeña, no más grande que 3 o 4 cms.

IMG_7973 IMG_7975 IMG_7976IMG_7982

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8 Responses to Aeonium decorum

  1. esme says:

    the colors are so pretty…..the first pic looks like a watercolor painting

  2. Sonia says:

    My mother in law has succulents similar to these, I wonder now if they are the same. They are so very pretty with their pink tips ! xoxo

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  4. Thomas says:


    This is Sedum palmeri. Nice plant and very nice pictures !

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