Roses – Rosas.


I’ve never been particularly interested in roses but this neighbourhood is jam packed full of them and I can’t help but admire them. Even past their prime there is beauty in them.
Nunca me han interesado mucho las rosas, pero en este barrio hay a montones y no puedo dejar de admirarlas. Incluso pasados sus mejores momentos hay belleza en ellas.

IMG_0468IMG_1019IMG_3068IMG_0968IMG_0973IMG_0731 IMG_0799 - Version 2 IMG_0798

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  1. evdokia t. says:

    we used to make rose water with my sister
    when we were little.
    we added water and rose petals
    in our mother’s used glass cream bottles
    and it smelled so nice 🙂
    beautiful roses!

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