Photo Book Part 1


I went back to school for fear of becoming bored at home all day. With our move back to the US I stopped homeschooling the kids and was no longer offering workshops, so I signed up for a few classes last autumn and even more in the spring. I certainly didn’t think that this change would turn into such a hectic 50 to 60 hour a week commitment, but it did, and it was hard, and I loved it! Every second of it.
Our final assignment, which was given to us on the first day of class was a 50 page photo book with a minimum number of shots taken in the studio, with no text and a clear, cohesive topic. I originally chose Natural Dyes as my theme but had a creative crisis a month before the book was due and decided to change to Simple Pleasures. Here are a few of my favourite photos from it:

Volví a la universidad por miedo a estar aburrida en casa. Al volver a California ya no enseñaba a los niños en casa ni tenía planeado impartir talleres o sea que el otoño pasado me apunté a unas clases y en primavera a otras más. No imaginé un horario frenetico de 50 a 60 horas semanales, pero así fue! Mi última tarea fue un libro de 50 fotos, un mínimo de 20 de ellas fotografiadas en el estudio, todas alrededor de un tema cohesivo. Originalmente tenía planeado fotografiar Tintes Naturales pero me entró una crisis creativa y al último momento cambié a Pequeños Placeres. Estas son algunas de las fotos que más me gustaron



pins and needles_4




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  1. Tatiana says:

    Dear Jo, you have done such a beautiful work. When I look at the photos I can feel a spiritual approach. There is a longing, there is calmness, there is introspection, there is meditation. They are more than just an object with nice lighting, they are a reflection of you full of beauty and soul.
    All my love,

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